Tonight in L.A.: Black Francis, Sunn O))), more


[Andy Bell of Oasis, and Ride before that, turns 39 today. Cheers, mate. And in L.A. environs …]

blackfrancisBlack Francis hits town for a pair of solo acoustic dates at the Mint, with Mere Mortals [whose new music I previewed a couple of weeks ago] opening. … Let’s see: A 60-foot giantess, a discredited scientist and a search for redemption – those are the elements in the Voyeurs’ new video for “Things People say,” which the L.A. duo debuts tonight at its Echo show (which also features Kissing Cousins, among others). … Drone-metal gods Sunn O))) play the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. … And the Section Quartet return to Largo for a night of collaborations (and film) – guests include Mike Viola, Grant-Lee Phillips and Sam Phillips. … Also: Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbathers Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice), with Coheed and Cambria at the Greek Theatre; Cobra Starship at the Troubadour; Tic Tic Boom at Spaceland; Lovemakers at the Silverlake Lounge; John Forte at the Hotel Cafe; Halloween Swim Team at downtown’s Silver Factory Studios; and C.W. Stoneking at the Redwood Bar.