Ears Wide Open: End Roulette



When I last checked in with End Roulette, the L.A. quartet was just getting comfortable with its new moniker, having decided not to fight the power after the Minnesota-based alcohol and drug treatment facility objected to their using the name Hazelden. Since then, the band appeared on MTV’s “Road to the VMAs” show, getting nominated for best breakout band from L.A., and its lineup turned over. What hasn’t changed is frontwoman Mary Jane Snow’s Hole- and Siouxsie-indebted approach to rock songwriting – she’s been holed up in her rehearsal space for much of this year working on new material. With a new lineup including guitarist Christopher Dogman, bassist Rocko and drummer Chip Salsa, L.A. audiences are about to get a taste.

||| Download: “Paper Bullets (demo)”

||| Live: End Roulette, with Carney and Caitlin Crosby, performs a KROQ Locals Only show tonight at the Roxy.