Ears Wide Open: Radio Freq



Follow the synth lines, they will lead you to the Promised Land. Or at least a great warehouse party. That’s what you get with Radio Freq, the L.A. electro trio that just released its debut EP “Alive” (on iTunes and on Coming Home Records). The new project from longtime pals Ben Adams and Cliff Magreta, augmented by drummer Jack Duff, layers some indelible melodies atop New Order bass lines, frisky rhythms and probing synths – if this stuff doesn’t get you moving, you might try an electric prod. Radio Freq is more electro and every bit in the groove as the principals’ previous project, Minutes Til Midnight, whose killer song “Vintage Hearts” from three years ago still rocks my playlist.

||| Download: “Feel the Beat”

||| Live: Radio Freq, joined by Voxhaul Broadcast, Eastern Conference Champions and Samuel Stewart, plays Wednesday night at the Echo as part of Buzz Bands LA’s One-Year Anniversary.