Miike Snow fans, now you know Jack



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Could’ve sworn I heard DJ Paul V spin a mash-up of the classic Inspiral Carpets songs “Two Worlds Collide” [Michel Gondry’s equally classic video here] leading in to Sunday evening’s twinbill of Miike Snow and Jack Penate at the Echoplex. In pairing Penate and Miike Snow, worlds didn’t collide, but they at least bumped hips.

Penate, playing his first Los Angeles show, has an album called “Everything Is New,” which, of course, it isn’t. But it’s pretty good. His guitar-based dance-pop possesses an innocent, soulful edge (his backup singers were particularly spot-on Sunday), and it’s just ragged enough live that you want to “Be the One” when he sings it. He has buttoned-up good looks and an occasional Joaquin Phoenix/Matt Damon glare that gave his embrace-the-moment shouter “Let’s All Die” an appropriate immediacy.

Compared to Penate’s exuberance, the sheen from Miike Snow’s set was almost blinding. The band, the brainchild of songwriting-production trio Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg and Andrew Wyatt, played in front of large silhouette of a jackalope, a reference to their single “Animal.” They started the set in masks, discarded them by the third song and nailed the songs from their self-titled album perfectly. It was a performance worthy of the members’ credits (Karlsson and Winnberg won a Grammy for Britney Spears’ “Toxic”), very slick and right in the wheelhouse of the KCRW-leaning crowd (not exactly rave kids, them). The swoonworthy “Silvia” nearly levitated the house.

As Sunday night dance parties go, you couldn’t ask for more.

||| Download: Jack Penate’s “Tonight’s Today”

||| Live: Miike Snow and Jack Penate perform Tuesday at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa and Wednesday at Spaceland.