Buzz Bands LA Playlist 2009 continues today on Indie


Indie1031logo1Join me on Indie 103.1 at noon today as Buzz Bands LA Playlist 2009 – the countdown of my favorite local tracks of the year – continues. Today’s show will pick up where last week’s left off, at song No. 72. The final week, on Dec. 16, I will be sharing the top 40. After the jump, the list so far:

Buzz Bands LA Playlist 2009

The Dec. 2 show
103. Crash Kings, “Mountain Man”
102. Hecuba, “The Magic”
101. Rival Sons, “Memphis Sun”
100. Earlimart, “Too Many People”
99. Courtenay Green, “Devil in the Details”
98. Health, “Die Slow”
97. Heavy Young Heathens, “Sha La La La La”
96. Janet Cruz, “March of Time”
95. Lemon Sun, “Congratulate Out Thievery”
94. One Trick Pony, “Loose Talk”
93. Spindrift, “The Legend of God’s Gun”
92. Robotanists, “Slow Motion”
91. Glasser, “Apply”
90. The Secret 6, “Radio Edit”
89. Devon Williams, “Sufferer”
88. Dusty Rhodes & the River Band,”Palace & Stage”
87. Say Anything, “Do Better”
86. The Monthlies, “Hip Girl”
85. Abe Vigoda, “Don’t Lie”
84. Pop Noir, “DIY”
83. Evan Voytas, “Astro”
82. The Yelling, “21st Century Freak”
81. You Me & Iowa, “Aquarium”
80. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, “Do You Feel Free?”
79. Eels, “That Look You Give That Guy”
78. The Voyeurs, “Things People Say”
77. Andrew Lynch, “My Head Around”
76. Oliver the Penguin, “Girls & Boys”
75. LANDy, “BFF!”
74. The Monolators, “Ruby I’m Changing My Number”
73. The Minor Canon, “If Wishes Were Horses”

The Dec. 9 show
72. Xu Xu Fang, “Your Way”
71. Two Guns, “One Direction”
70. So Many Wizards, “Fly a Kite”
69. Radars to the Sky, “Selfish Kids”
68. Samuel Stewart, “The Beginner”
67.”  Harper Simon, “Shooting Star”
66. Mere Mortals, “Lost Art”
65. Le Switch, “Sunday Morning”
64. Anglos, “Cleopatra”
63. London to Tokyo, “The Anthem”
62. Har Mar Superstar, “Tall Boy”
61. Obi Best, “Swedish Boy”
60. The Polyamorous Affair, “White Hot Magic”
59. Michael Miller, “Carolina Skyline”
58. Deep Sea Diver, “New Caves”
57. Hello Dragon, “Cities Need a Subway”
56. Links, “Cold Water”
55. Letting Up Despite Great Faults, “In Steps”
54. Kissing Cousins, “In Too Deep”
53. Meredith Meyer, “Video Game Girl”
52. Light FM, “Friends Aren’t Friends”
51. The Aggrolites, “Firecracker”
50. The Entrance Band, “M.L.K.”
49. Correatown, “All the World (I Tell Myself)”
48. The Willowz, “Destruction”
47. Wait. Think. Fast, “Look Alive”
46. The Spires, “TAM”
45. Fool’s Gold, “Surprise Hotel”
44. The Faraway Places, “F.F.F.F.Fall Down”
43. War Tapes, “Dreaming of You”
42. Castledoor, “Shouting at Mountains”
41. Eulogies, “Eyes on the Prize”

Next week: The Top 40