SXSW: It’s Shadow Shadow Shade in the house



L.A. septet Shadow Shadow Shade enjoyed a great setting for their “popera” on Tuesday night – the cozy room at the IFC Crossroads House in Austin, playing to a crowd of VIPs and fans who were in town the night before the official start of the SXSW music festivities. The acoustics in the room favored the band’s complex arrangements and lush harmonies, and the seven-piece responded with a set that was as good as any I’ve seen from them. It was front-loaded with new songs, which won over the crowd long before they finished with big chorus-packing favorites “Love Is a Western Word” and “Say Yes.” I doubt I’ll get to see many L.A. bands this week, but I was lucky to catch this one.

||| Watch: The Walkmen (today at noon) and others such as the Drive By Truckers and Neon Indian here.