Video: Ima Robot, ‘Ruthless’


When I talked to Alex Ebert before Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros began their worldwide crusade, he allowed as how there were some Ima Robot songs in the archives, some material recorded while the dance-punks were in label limbo after 2006’s “Monuments to the Masses,” their sophomore album for Virgin Records. Now Ima Robot has announced release plans for a new album; “Another Man’s Treasure” will be out in the fall on DIY imprint Werewolf Heart Records (home to Dead Man’s Bones and the Goat). Ebert says most of the songs were recorded between two and four years ago but that he looks forward to making music with Tim Anderson and Filip Nikolic again. Says Ebert: “We’ve been through every nook and asshole of the ‘business’ only to find ourselves back where we started – without the business.” Until we hear the album, we have this animated video by Noaz Deshe for “Ruthless” to tide us over.