Band of Horses charms crowd at the Greek Theatre



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Review and gallery by Laurie Scavo

Band of Horses could not have have brought their pastoral music to more picturesque location than the tree-lined alcove of the Greek Theatre on Saturday night. Too bad lead singer Ben Bridwell could not have brought his best voice.

Bridwell, his normally soaring tenor cracking round the edges, joked about having contracted SARS a few days before and apologized for his failing voice, wisecracking that he sounded like “two whales [copulating].” Bridwell still gave it his all, his good humor and exceptional stage presence saving a show that was disappointingly light on material from the band’s new album “Infinite Arms.”

Songs such as “Laredo,” “The Funeral” and “No One’s Gonna Love You,” performed in front of gorgeous landscape productions and amid a dazzling light show, found their mark. At one point, Bridwell spotted someone he knew in the audience and jumped into the crowd and serenaded him. That kind of light moment rescued the night.

The openers were bands already familiar to L.A. audiences – Admiral Radley (the quartet featuring two members apiece from Earlimart and Grandaddy) and Darker My Love. Each played material from new releases, Ad Rad from its debut “I Heart California” and DML from its third album “Alive As You Are.” Each was solid musically against the huge task of engaging the audience in vast space.