Premiere: Epic Ruins, ‘Child and Cobra’


Jordan Richardson calls Epic Ruins “an art project whose medium is rock band.”

The Los Angeles-based drummer – the former skins man for indie rockers Oliver Future who went on to join Ben Harper & Relentless7 – could also have described his collaboration with Fort Worth, Texas, pals Steve Seward, Sam Anderson and Jeff Dazey as some of the heaviest stoner jams to come around since black lights were all the rage and Zep was on repeat.

Epic Ruins’ debut slab of vinyl (the album’s already out digitally) is titled “Void Mariner and the Mystic Boogie of the Sacred Line,” and Richardson says it’s inspired by “a lot of ’70s stuff and a fascination with comic books.” Void Mariner, he explains, “is a Hans Solo kind of character who travels across space and time, and Ashera is a female badass barbarian character.” Wedged inside the music’s searing riffage, psychedelic freakouts and thundering beats is a narrative.

The L.A. release party for “Void Mariner” on Dec. 9 at the Satellite (f/k/a Spaceland) – which also features the Happy Hollows and Computer Jay – figures to be pretty spacey too. Expect decorations and, yes, black lights.

||| Live: Epic Ruins, joined by the Happy Hollows , perform Dec. 9 at the Satellite (f/k/a Spaceland).