Popular With Me 2010: Buzz Bands LA’s favorite local songs of the year (today on Moheak.com)


The countdown of Buzz Bands LA’s favorite local songs of the 2010 winds up today on MoheakRadio. My weekly show kicks off at 3 p.m., and I’ll be playing the final 33 songs in the countdown. Listen in, won’t you? [Note: This show will be rebroadcast on Moheak at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 28.]

(PS–Commenters are already busting me for omissions, of which there are several. Feel free to take your best shot.)

After the jump, the complete playlist:

Week 1 countdown
101. El Ten Eleven, “The Sycophants Are Coming! The Sycophants Are Coming”
100. Hot As Sun, “Come Come”
99. Pollyn, “Gave It Up”
98. Jenny & Johnny, “Scissor Runner”
97. The Rescues, “Break Me Out”
96. Wake Up Lucid, “Words”
95. Kenan Bell, “Fruits and Vegetables”
94. So Many Wizards, “Nico”
93. Bleu, “Singin’ in Tongues”
92. Castledoor, “Flashlight”
91. The Idaho Falls, “Loud and Brave”
90. Lucy Schwartz, “Help Me! Help Me!”
89. Lord Huron, “We Went Wild”
88. The Street & Babe Shadow, “Ashes to Ashes”
87. Wounded Lion, “Creatures in the Cave”
86. Year Long Disaster, “Show Me Your Teeth”
85. Deep Sleep Ops, “Spiraling Into Control”
84. Family of the Year, “Stairs”
83. Fol Chen, “In Ruins”
82. Bell Gardens, “Through the Rain”
81. The BellRays, “Everybody Get Up”
80. Casxio, “Anticipation”
79. Active Child, “Weight of the World”
78. The Good Listeners, “Insect Losing Balance”
77. Le Switch, “Bad Decisions”
76. Moving Picture Show, “Uhuh Uhuh”
75. Snow & Voices, “Everything Coming Apart”
74. The Spires, “Orange Yellow”
73. The Like, “Fair Game”
72. Starflyer 59, “Cry Me a River”
71. Nightmare Air, “Who Who Lies”
70. Radar Brothers, “Horses Warriors”
69. Flying Lotus, “”¦ And the World Laughs With You”
Week 2 countdown
68. Walking Sleep, “Final Chapter”
67. Taylor Locke & the Roughs, “Tarred, Feathered & Scarlet Lettered”
66. Sara Radle, “The Lonely King”
65. Radars to the Sky, “Mirror”
64. Palmdale, “Here We Go”
63. No Age, “Glitter”
62. We Barbarians, “War Clouds”
61. International Tennis Champions, “Happy Landings”
60. LA Font, “Fine Lines”
59. Hello Dragon, “Engines Blown”
58. Kitten, “Kill the Light”
57. The Soft Pack, “Down on Loving”
56. Grouplove, “Colours”
55. Last American Buffalo, “Thieves”
54. Mini Mansions, “Crime of the Season”
53. Sabrosa Purr, “Killing the Aries”
52. Pepper Rabbit, “Older Brother”
51. Gamble House, “Central Park”
50. Chief, “Night & Day”
49. Blonde Summer, “Cathode Ray”
48. John Carpenter, “Nothing Is Wasted”
47. Baths, “Maximalist”
46. Abe Vigoda, “Dream of My Love (Chasing After You)”
45. Francisco the Man, “Television Father”
44. Moses Campbell, “Swing Sets and Neighborhoods”
43. Soft Pipes, “Golden Grace”
42. Eels, “In My Younger Days”
41. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, “Beverly Kills”
40. Gram Rabbit, “Off With Your Head”
39. Chasing Kings, “The Current State of Our Affairs”
38. The Sweet Hurt, “Take This Away”
37. Eastern Conference Champions, “Summertime”
36. Darker My Love, “Dear Author”
35. Wait. Think. Fast., “Si Es Por Amor”
34. The Henry Clay People, “This Ain’t a Scene”
Week 3 countdown
33. Painted Hills, “Kaleidoscope Eyes”
32. Summer Darling, “Carving Letters”
31. Polls, “Executive Toys”
30. Glasser, “Home”
29. Cold War Kids, “Audience of One”
28. The Deadly Syndrome, “Wingwalker”
27. Kisses, “Bermuda”
26. Vanaprasta, “Healthy Geometry”
25. Hanni El Khatib, “Dead Wrong”
24. Superhumanoids, “Cranial Contest”
23. Stedapol C.C. Watt, “Stompin'”
22. A House for Lions, “Come On”
21. White Arrows, “The Voyeur”
20. Free Moral Agents, “When I Smile”
19. Helen Stellar, “Love to Hate Love”
18. Young the Giant, “Apartment”
17. Voxhaul Broadcast, “Leaving on the 5th”
16. Warpaint, “Undertow”
15. White Sea, “Cannibal Love”
14. Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits, “Right Ones”
13. Best Coast, “Boyfriend”
12. Film School, “Heart Full of Pentagons”
11. Everest, “House of 9’s”
10. Dios, “Stare at Wheel”
9. Aloe Blacc, “I Need a Dollar”
8. Shadow Shadow Shade, “Is This Tempest in the Shape of a Bell”
7. Local Natives, “Camera Talk”
6. Fitz & the Tantrums, “MoneyGrabber”
5. Tenlons Fort, “You Won’t Be With Me”
4. Foster the People, “Pumped Up Kicks”
3. The Sea of Cortez, “The Shores”
2. Avi Buffalo, “Remember Last Time”
1. Delta Spirit, “Bushwick Blues”

Thanks for listening, everybody. Happy holidays.