Premiere: Cannoneers of the New Command, ‘You Don’t Know’


Their name might be a mouthful – Cannoneers of the New Command – but the music of the new L.A. quartet is easy to swallow: It’s garage rock ’n’ soul that harks back to the swaggering British bands of the early ’90s and to grittier ’70s before. Absent the current scene’s fetish for synths and electro trickery, Cannoneers keep things so straight-ahead you’d think black leather jackets never went out of style. It’s not far from the sonic crunch singer-guitarist Mike Monosky achieved with his last project, the Pacific, who put out albums in 2005 and ’08, respectively. “We’re just trying to keep things authentic,” says Monosky, who’s now joined up with Robert Pierret and Tim Galvin (formerly of the Beautiful and Damned), along with Joey Taylor. Having released the “Sadie Was a Girl” 7-inch last year, the quartet is finishing up an album they are targeting for a spring release.

||| Download: “You Don’t Know”

||| Live: Cannoneers of the New Command play the Monday residency this month at the Echo, kicking off tonight with support from Lemon Sun, Duniven and Astra Heights’ Timothy Morales.