Ears Wide Open: C-horse


The spiky pop stylings of C-horse first caught our ears last May, when a particularly punky live show at Spaceland sent us diving into our K Records catalog searching for comparisons. Songwriter Cecilia Enriquez, joined by bassist Lindsay Mancha, keyboardist Mack Marquard and drummer Courtney Olsen, creates three-minute slices of candy-coated edginess, more prickly live than on their debut album. The quartet plans to record another this summer; in the meantime, late arrivals should add the stuttery “What” to their playlists.

||| Download: “What”

||| Live: C-Horse does a residency every Friday this month at Casey’s downtown. Friday’s first installment fetures Dirty Mac, the new project of Joel Morales of Dios.

Photo by Erin Stone