Download: Wake Up Lucid, ‘Paint Your Lips’


L.A.’s Wake Up Lucid lit a few sparks in late 2009 for those who appreciate stripped-down rock and roll with a fierce blues foundation. Their debut EP “Look Alive People,” which featured crackling tunes such as “A Minor” and “Black Haired Woman,” demonstrated that going back to old-fashioned songwriting and enhancing it with gritty vocals, intricate shredding and solid bass lines can come off much more appealing than lugging around superfluities like most new bands tend to do. The family affair of cousins Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca continue their foray into the local music scene with their new track, “Paint Your Lips.” Laying the drums on thick this time around, the chugging guitar lines and wailing vocals all prepare fans for their latest EP “Sugar,” due Feb. 15.

||| Download: “Paint Your Lips”


||| Live: The trio celebrate their new release on Feb. 16 at Bootleg Theater.

Photo by Dominick Camera