Ears Wide Open: The Cooling Time


Organic may seem like a foreign term when it comes to speaking about music today. Between bands whose ranks barely fit on stage to artists who are oddly interested in making old sounds with new technology, natural songwriting structures are rarely the end product. L.A.’s the Cooling Time is a nice reminder that rock music can have a solid foundation of heavy melodies and dynamic chord progression without any frills but still maintain musical relevance. Chris Hostetler, Michael Deragon, Eric Potter, Dave Ramirez and Steve Kim formed the band over two years ago, and they still haven’t given in to unnecessary glitz. With Hostetler’s gripping vocals and Potter’s riveting guitar riffs, songs such as “Paper Thin” already offer an earful of the good stuff.

||| Download: “Paper Thin”

[audio: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qffdo5bpduq380t/The%20Cooling%20Time_Paper%20Thin.mp3]

||| Live: The Cooling Time plays their first show of the year tonight at Silverlake Lounge.

Photo via Facebook