Ears Wide Open: Patrick Joseph


Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Joseph did his share of collaborating and writing demos back in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa. He probably wrote a song about every feeling anyone has ever experienced – big or small, infamous or secret – all before his 21st birthday. Now based in L.A., Joseph continues to offer an abundance of intricate storytelling on his self-released album, “Antiques.” Reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s heartfelt yet gritty songwriting, Joseph’s material ranges from lilting overtures to stripped-down ballads to guitar-heavy blues. The latter is especially evident in his song “Arsonist Blues” as he coolly sings of “burning down your house.” With a pulsating back beat, a splash of keys and a notable guitar solo, bitterness sounds rather beautiful.

||| Download: “Arsonist Blues” or get his album “Antiques” in its entirety for free by joining his mailing list before March ends.

[audio: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u3a346kny39djsi/Patrick%20Joseph_Arsonist%20Blues.mp3]

||| Live: Patrick Joseph plays tonight at Silver Factory Studios with Winter’s Fall, Funeral Club, and Starving Daughters.

Photo by Larissa Underwood