Ears Wide Open: Y LUV


College friendships blossoming into something more is not an uncommon beginning to a band’s back story. In fact, plenty of collegiate buddies have gone on to sell out arenas together through music. In a similarly hopeful but local vein, Y LUV may be on their way to playing together for crowds larger than any “Battle of the Bands” venues can hold. Freddy Janney, Sam Nardella, Luke Hanna and Marcello Dubaz are still enrolled in school, but we’ve got a hunch that their forthcoming debut, “How Chill Can You Let Go” (produced by Light FM‘s Josiah Mazzaschi), will pack in the punch to help spring them forward. If any other songs on the EP sound anything like “All Night,” Y LUV should be able to carry great commercial appeal yet spin pop rock songs with inventiveness that reminds us of the first time we heard Arctic Monkeys.

||| Download: “All Night”

[audio: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mtb86voq96zccka/Y%20Luv_All%20Night.mp3]

||| Update (April 24): For one month only, download Y LUV’s entire EP for free from their Bandcamp site.

||| Live: Y LUV plays March 28 at the Continental Room and April 13 at USC.

Photo by Daniel Doperalski