Download: Thurlow, ‘Through Your Eyes’


The husband-and-wife music makers Thurlow return with “Through Your Eyes” to follow up their debut single, “The Hour Glass.” While both songs off of their “Spokes” EP showcase lilting melodies on top of their soft electro-pop instrumentation, Jacqueline Caruso’s vocals gracefully slide to the forefront on this new track. Husband Augustus Green has charming intonation on the quirkier tracks that serve as bookends on the EP, but Caruso’s velvety voice manages to highlight contemplative components of the playfully upbeat song as she sings, “If I could just hold onto you/Long enough for you/To make a change, a change in me/Then would I be free?”

||| Download: “Through Your Eyes” or get Thurlow’s “Spokes” EP for name-your-price.


||| Live: Thurlow plays Thursday at Silverlake Lounge with the Parlour Suite, Sarah Winters and the Quick Hellos.

Photo by Natalie Howard

||| Watch: After the jump, check out their video for the track where the two stars take a “Video-Reality” vacation.