Coachella: Flogging Molly’s late-night sing-alongs


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Who: Flogging Molly at the Outdoor Theatre
In 3 or Fewer Words: Pogues play Coachella?
I’ll Remember This Until: The next time I down a bottle of Jameson. Few Hot Topic merch alumni have aged so well. Dave King and company may be a bit long in the tooth, but the older they get the more they sound like their Irish pirate-punk predecessors the Pogues. (A good thing.) Flogging Molly doesn’t thrash the stage quite like they used to and King laid the Irish shtick on thick, but the flock of flogged faithful didn’t seem to notice or care. The band pushed their luck with a few too many new tunes, but “Devil’s Dance Floor” is still a rager and “If I Every Leave This World Alive” was a slurry sing-along group hug.
What I’d Tell My Friends Who Were At Gayngs: Sigh.
– Ben McShane
Photo by Jim Donnelly