Coachella: Skrillex, with a side order of Korn


Who: Skrillex in the Sahara Tent.
In 3 or Fewer Words: Emo house music.
I’ll Remember This Until: The next time a teenage girl tries to climb on my shoulders. Twenty-three-year-old Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, aka the former lead singer of metalcore dudes From First to Last, had a young crowd in the palm of his controller in the Sahara Tent. His set dabbled in every manner of house and techno music and even sampled the Jackson 5, but every ear-splitting breakdown and artillery-fire beat eventually led to a candy-coated chorus, much to his fans’ delight. He punctuated his set with a stage dive, then beseeched males in the audience to hoist their gals on the shoulders (“respectfully,” he implored), but the highlight came when Jonathon Davis and Korn romped onstage for “Blind.” Heat, meet prostration.
What I’d tell my friend who was at Titus Andronicus: You would’ve hated this.
– K.B.
Photo by Bronson