Coachella: Daedelus’ warped reality is just dandy


Who: Daedelus in the Gobi Tent
In 3 or Fewer Words: You kidding me?
I’ll Remember This Until: The next time I’m transported to an alternate reality. The music of beat-scene forefather Daedelus has a way of flashing you something familiar and then sucking you into a vortex programming gimmicks. The maestro of the Monome chewed up a lot of soul music during his late-night set in the Gobi Tent – that was some alien Al Green, dude – but his new visuals were part of the curiosity too. Dressed in his signature Victorian dandy garb, Daedelus, aka Alfred Darling, performed in front of three staggered panels, on each of which were mounted 12 mirrors that swiveled to the music. Setting up the rig delayed the performance quite a bit, and I’m not sure if it was exactly firing on all cylinders (bouncing strobes off the mirrors would have been eye-popping), but the project was, conceptually, as interesting any installation on the Coachella grounds.
What I’d Tell My Friends Who Left Early: Weird stuff.
– K.B.