Gallery: The Airborne Toxic Event at the Music Box


L.A.’s fans of the Airborne Toxic Event – and there are plenty of them – got their fill of the quintet last week, as the purveyors of the hit “Sometime Around Midnight” did five consecutive shows at progressively larger venues to celebrate the release of their second album “All at Once.” The shows began Monday at the Satellite (the early stamping ground of TATE when the venue was known as Spaceland), then visited the Troubadour, El Rey Theater, Music Box and John Anson Ford Ampitheatre. Thursday’s show at the Music Box proved a thrill ride, with the fivesome interspersing their mortality-obsessed new material with the dancey romanticism of from their first album. Frontman Mikel Jollett was as congenial as ever, and the fans’ romance with Anna Bulbrook (articulated by several shouted marriage proposals) continued unabated. The leather-clad viola player even went crowd-surfing. Photographer Laurie Scavo sent along this gallery.