Mp3-pack: Polls, So Many Wizards, Kissing Cousins


[File this post under “Following Up” – new music, either singles or EPs, from three local artists whom we’ve chronicled before:]

Polls, “Mouth of a Fox” – The noise-pop trio of Chris Newcomer, David Franklin and Julien Bellin have followed up last year’s debut EP with a new 7-inch that offers another dose of agitated noise-pop. Featherweight vocals over dissonant guitars and ominous rhythms – “Mouth of a Fox” approaches like a storm front on the prairie. [Previously: July 2010.]


So Many Wizards, “Inner City”Aquarium Drunkard tipped us to this new tune from Nima Kazerouni, Warren Woodward and Erik Felix, available as a 7-inch. Here, the trio’s uncategorizable pop just gets more inventive – and Kazerouni sings his heart out. Very refreshing. Live: July 1 at the Smell. [Previously: April 2010; January 2009.]


Kissing Cousins, “You Bring Me Down” – Heather Heywood and gang follow up 2009’s Richard Swift-produced album “Pillar of Salt” with the edgier “Unfortunate End” EP, out this week on Velvet Blue Music. Kissing Cousins can sound like Warpaint in a bad mood or Siouxsie Sioux in dreamland. “You Bring Me Down” suggests you don’t wanna be on Heywood’s bad side. Live: June 2 at the Echo. [Previously: August 2009.]


Photo of Polls by Laurie Scavo