Ears Wide Open: Torches in Trees


Psychedelia is often paired with a slow haziness or fervent rock rhythms that jam to no end, but it’s nice to hear that the genre can also intertwine with delicate melancholy that pleasantly lingers somewhere in the middle. Azad Cheikosman, Bridgette Moody and Eric Fabbro of L.A. band Torches in Trees manage to perform the latter quite beautifully. Balancing the softer elements of dream-pop through dueling melodies that still tell the same story and the subtle unfurling of bold features such as elaborate drumming and driving guitar riffs, Torches in Trees have released two well-received EPs the past years. Their latest Raymond Richards-produced 7-inch, which features “Our Daughters” as the B-side, is another slice of enchanting songwriting that’s only matured and intensified our swooning.

||| Download: “Our Daughters”


||| Also: Download their two EPs, “New Blood, New Sight” and “Carnivora,” for free over at their Bandcamp page.