Video: Stars, ‘We Don’t Want Your Body’


Stars’ “In Our Bedroom After The War” yielded anthems such as “Take Me to the Riot” and “Bitches in Tokyo,” but the Montreal band just now let us in on a little secret. Torquil Campbell and mates actually went into the studio with Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek and recorded an album’s worth of songs in 2006 before they moved on to what eventually became the 2007 album. Sure, it hasn’t even been a year since Stars released “The Five Ghosts,” but since these batch of recordings have “weathered well,” their rawer and unpolished sound is now available as “The Bedroom Demos.” Travel back in time with Stars through an album that includes 12 tracks they found on tape after coming home from their latest tour, plus two bonus tracks. Or, just stay in the present and check out their hilarious video for “We Don’t Want Your Body.” It your coffee hasn’t awakened you by now, this comical love story might do the trick.

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||| Also: Stream “The Bedroom Demos” in its entirety here.