Ears Wide Open: Skyline Drive


Derek Thomas’ name may already be familiar if you’re a 60 Watt Kid fan. The trio, who called it quits last year, was known for their experimental sound textured with synths, heavy reverb, looped guitars and almost incantation-like vocals. However, Thomas recently kick-started a new project called Skyline Drive that cultivates softer, folk rock tones. Trading in analog-influenced twists and turns for accessible arrangements garnished with guitar melody, harmonica and pedal steel, Thomas recruited a handful of seasoned musicians including Erik Kisteansen (Ryan Adams, the Backsliders), Jerry Zacarias (Mark Lennon), and Mike Dericotte (Mention, Loie Fuller) to offer songs such as the smooth, breezy and country-tinged “Bartering Line.” Switching it up to go down the folk line hasn’t hurt bands such as Dawes. Perhaps, Thomas and band will take a similar flight on this new path.

||| Download: “Bartering Line”


||| Live: Skyline Drive plays July 27 at Bar Pico with the Get Down Boys.