Mere Mortals: Bidding farewell, with ‘Love X’


Mere Mortals seemed destined to be one of those bands Los Angeles overlooks – purveyors of rock-solid rock that a) isn’t made by 21-year-olds, b) isn’t fashionably disheveled or gimmicky, and c) doesn’t require an instruction manual to like. After a handful of releases and a memorable tour or two – including playing to some big crowds in Japan (pictured) – frontman Axel Steuerwald and gang have broken up, but their farewell blast, “Love X” (released July 2), warrants some love. The Mortals’ sweaty, psychedelic take on Britpop will find a home with fans of Oasis and the Verve, if not a few others on the Brit Box. Back in 2009, we visited with Steuerwald and premiered a couple of tracks. The slow-burner “Come Down Easy,” is worth revisiting – it’s on the posthumous “Love X.” Meanwhile, Steuerwald is working on a new project called United Ghosts.

||| Download: “Come Down Easy” (reposted)

||| Also: Stream all of “Love X”

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