Video: Chasing Kings, ‘Empathy’


“Please speak to me / with empathy / and I won’t fight back,” sings frontman Matt Schwartz of L.A. quartet Chasing Kings. In their new video music video for “Empathy,” Schwartz definitely isn’t fighting back, but his bandmates certainly aren’t showing any compassion either. Dragging him into an abandoned shed and pinning him down to a chair, Drew Beck, Mike Goldman and Nick Sandler put their lead vocalist through a “food interrogation.” In the Matt Heder-directed clip, Schwartz may be singing about the thoughts swirling around in his head, but there are just as many things (if not more) actually being thrown at his head. He plays a strong victim, and hey, there are worse things than getting mustard in one’s eye.

||| Download: “Maybe It’s the Distance” (previously posted)

||| Live: Chasing Kings play Aug. 27 at Sunset Junction.