Ears Wide Open: Strange Markings


Considering Tim Rush’s experience in editing TV and films like the documentary “DIG!,” his foray into songwriting hasn’t been too far of a stretch in terms of his storytelling skills. Strange Markings, Rush’s project with current bandmates Zach Miller, Ryan Hailey and Chris Lovejoy, initially caught the ear of songwriter and producer Linda Perry, and Rush was introduced to drummer Kelli Scott (Veruca Salt). The two began to build up a collection of songs with the bulk of the material finding a place on Strange Markings’ debut EP “Lightly Asleep” (currently out via Muddmins). In songs such as “Ghost Song,” sturdy guitar riffs and melody add up to an indie-Americana that recall Band of Horses with some Black Keys-esque grit.

||| Download: “Ghost Song” in exchange for your e-mail address over at their Bandcamp page.


||| Watch: After the jump, check out the video for the track.

||| Live: Strange Markings play Aug. 29 at the Bootleg Theater with Tall Tales and the Silver Lining.