L.A. Buzz Bands show, at midnight on KCSN


It’s time for that weekend nightcap. Set your FM dial to 88.5 KCSN (or your browser to KCSN.org) for this week’s installment of the L.A. Buzz Bands show, live at midnight from a Cal State campus near you. I have new music from Vanaprasta, Youngblood Hawke, Family of the Year, Caught a Ghost, Bodies of Water and Arrica Rose, as well as slightly used tunes from a host of other SoCal artists. Not to mention a tip of the cap to Foreign Born and, to finish the show, my weekly Hall of Fame track. Listen in when the clock strikes 12 [it’ll be archived for a week after the show here], and you can check out the playlist here:
Youngblood Hawke, “Rootless”
Family of the Year, “St. Croix”
Caught a Ghost, “Sleeping at Night”
Vanaprasta, “Healthy Geometry”
Taylor Locke & the Roughs, “Tarred, Feathered & Scarlet Lettered”
Voxhaul Broadcast, “Blackout”
Eastern Conference Champions, “Sideways Walking’
Kisses, “Bermuda”
Arrica Rose, “We Made Out Alright”
Bodies of Water, “One Hand Loves the Other?”
Mia Doi Todd, “What If We Do?”
Foreign Born, “Union Hall”
Superhumanoids, “Mikelah’
Duniven, “Better Off Like This’
* The Plimsouls, “A Million Miles Away”

* The weekly BBLA Hall of Fame track