Ears Wide Open: Caught a Ghost (plus, details on Friday’s ‘Cosmic Prom’ with Lemon Sun)


For songwriter/producer Jesse Nolan, it’s not a matter of finding soul in the machine – it’s eliciting soul from the machine. The songs from Nolan’s new project Caught a Ghost offer a rump-shaking hybrid of electronica, Stax horns and R&B crooning. Think Fitz & the Tantrums transported to the Holodeck. Nolan, who made some very good tunes with the Cheat and Red Arrow Messenger, teamed up with boyhood pal Stephen Edelstein on drums to launch the project, which has now blossomed into a nine-piece band. Their only release so far is a three-song mixtape on iTunes that also includes the highly recommended “No Sugar in My Coffee,” but there’s more on the way.

||| Download: “Sleeping at Night”

||| Live: Caught a Ghost, in conjunction with L.A. rockers Lemon Sun and the Morose Project, play Friday night at an event called “The Cosmic Prom” at the Vortex Immersion Dome, 1037 W. 6th St. downtown. The event, billed as a 360-degree experience, will feature installation art, DJs, food trucks and planetarium-style projections. Background on the dome here.

||| Also: Check out the video for “Sleeping at Night”: