About those Sunset Junction refunds …


Fans who bought advance tickets to Sunset Junction might have a hard time getting a refund. At least, that’s the way ticketing agency Flavorus.com makes it sound. Not surprisingly considering the week’s developments, Sunset Junction’s promoter is not picking up the phone, although via Twitter on Wednesday the organizers assured: “Tickets/vendors money will be refund (sic), it will take some time to clean up this mess Hope every1 understands.” Flavorus’s letter to a customer who applied for a refund pulls no punches:

As you may already be aware, Sunset Junction 2011 has been cancelled.

As courtesy to you, we have been attempting to contact the event organizers for the last several days regarding customer refunds. Unfortunately, the event organizers have not responded to us and it seems, at this time, they are reluctant to issue any refunds for any tickets sold.

Please be advised, as the Ticket Agency our normal course of action for any and all cancelled events, for which we processed the funds, would be to immediately refund all ticket sales to you. But complicating this situation and unlike the normal course, the ticket funds collected and the donations to the festival were all processed and collected through Sunset Junction’s own credit card processing account. As a result, we are unable to issue refunds without the cooperation of the event organizers as we do not have access to the funds.

Currently, the only resolution we can offer is that you contact your bank and file a charge back/dispute claim. We understand that this is not the most convenient method of securing your refund. However we are absolutely confident that it will be the most effective way in resolving theissue.

We will continue to pursue a resolution directly with the organizers of the Sunset Junction. We apologize for this inconvenience.