Premiere: Victory, ‘Kickers’


Robert Fleming could probably recommend a good cabernet, or wax poetic on the bouquet of that 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, but it’s what’s fermenting in his Silver Lake bedroom that’s equally tasty. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter (day job: the wine industry) makes music under the name Victory, and his first one-man excursion into pop territory is an EP titled “Demonstrations.” Over seven songs, Fleming’s boyish tenor bounces over scratchy and buzzing guitars, recalling the buoyant ’60s and just about everything catchy since, and his lithe, get-to-the-hook nuggets get in and out of your face in three minutes or less. “Demonstrations” has been released as a limited-edition 10-inch EP, and for Fleming the next step is to get Victory out of the bedroom and assemble a band. It’s early in the game, but for vintage pop fans, Victory sounds like a winner.

||| Download: “Kickers”

||| Also: Download the whole “Demonstrations” EP at Bandcamp.

Photo by Michael Schulz