Video: The Polyamorous Affair, ‘Fantasy’


The Polyamorous Affair’s sultry, subversive electro was made for dark places. And the Berlin-based duo of Eddie Chacon and Sissy Sainte-Marie, who not so long ago called L.A. home, go there in the video for “Fantasy,” which transfers the notion of appetite to someplace a little bit grisly. The single comes from 2010’s synth-laden “Strange Bedfellows” album, released on their own Winter Palace Records. “Fantasy” will be released as a single Oct. 21 with a B-side/remix of the song by Canadian band You Say Party (the final remix they did before disbanding. And the video is the latest in a long line of compelling visuals the twosome have made for their music. What’s for dinner, honey?

||| Download: “Fantasy” (You Say Party remix)

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