Ears Wide Open: Little Red Lung


How to traverse this sonic world created by Little Red Lung? By horse and buggy? Fast cars? Computer-powered hovercraft? The Los Angeles sextet’s inviting hybrid of chamber-pop and folktronica is difficult to pigeonhole, but over a backdrop of strings, guitar, keys and electronic beats, singer Zoe-Ruth Erwin (pictured at last weekend’s Eagle Rock Music Festival) fashions a lyrical netherworld that feels at once like a diary and art project. The band, which includes guitarist Ali Nikou, bassist Rob Hume, drummer Nathan Kondor and string players Charlene Huang and Cecilia Miller, is working on the re-release of an expanded package of their 2010 album “Get On the Boat.” And two new singles, released in August, sweeten the pot.

||| Download:
“Rare Bird”

||| Also: Visit Bandcamp to get a download of “Strangling Tree.”

||| Live: Little Red Lung performs Nov. 4 at Pehrspace and Nov. 15 at the Hotel Cafe.