Video: Bleeding Knees Club, ‘Teenage Girls’


Almost as if these images were taken straight out of a teenager’s Tumblr feed, Bleeding Knees Club‘s clip for their new single “Teenage Girls” is a live collage of kittens, cigarettes, apple bongs and hipster gals staring into the lens with ultimate apathy. Fortunately, the music of Jordan Malane, Alex Wall and Matt Woods is far from the deadpan looks their leading ladies give in the video. Blending garage rock with with some surf-pop sensibility, these Aussies’ short but fuzzed-out punk anthems have one looking forward to the weekend even during the darkest hours at the work desk. Don’t be surprised if the youngsters and their appropriately titled debut EP “Virginity” (out now via IAMSOUND) talk you in to a mosh pit.

||| Download: “Teenage Girls”

||| Live: Bleeding Knees Club plays Oct. 24 at Bardot as part of It’s A School Night and Oct. 26 at the Satellite.