Video: Pisces (Sarah of Happy Hollows), ‘Voodoo’


Those who’ve witnessed Sarah Negahdari perform outside her role as frontwoman / pixie shredder of the L.A. indie-rock trio the Happy Hollows know that her imagination can run wild, and rope listeners into accompanying her to a far-off place. “Negahdariland,” it’s been called, and it seems to be the birthplace of her solo work, which she’s undertaking as Pisces. The music falls more in the experimental pop vein, and the video for her first single “Voodoo,” starring Negahdari and Heather Pollock and filmed by her Hollows bandmate Charlie Mahoney, purrs with intrigue. A Pisces EP is on the way, along with new material from the Happy Hollows that sounded bitingly good when the trio played the Frogtown Art Walk (pictured below).