Download: Kiev, ”˜3rnd’


Kiev’s first outing, the EP “Ain’t No Scary Folks In On Around Here,” impressed with its jammy concoction of funky rhythms, electronics and atmospherics. Since then the Orange County quintet of singer-guitarist Robert Brinkerhoff, keyboardists Alex Wright and Andy Stavas (who also wields a sax), drummer Brandon Corn and bassist Derek Poulsen have cranked up the intensity. They’ve incorporated 3D visuals into their live show, and their new three-song EP “Be Gone Dull Cage & Others” lays out some big grooves and insists you follow along. Kiev manages to be trippy and cerebral at the same time, occupying that sometimes-exhilarating, sometimes-discomfiting space between left and right brain. It’s worth the journey.

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||| Live: Kiev does the Tuesday night residency in November at the Central SAPC in Santa Monica.