Video: Blondfire, ‘Where the Kids Are’


Sometimes I feel like this: It’s your world, kids – I’m just watching your silly painted faces in it. So it was when Blondfire’s Aurelien Levitan-directed video for “Where the Kids Are” oozed its way onto my browser. It’s R-rated (for excessive violence and candy). And it features and young lad who forgot his meds but remembered his sharp object, a giant cowboy panda and a musical soundtrack provided by the New York-bred, L.A.-based brother-sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll. Any fan of MGMT and the Naked and Famous who need a third artist for their synth-pop trifecta will want sprinkle glitter all over Blondfire’s new single (out Nov. 1). Their forthcoming album is titled “Win the Game.” If you care to be playing.