Download: Evan Voytas, ‘Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are’


Synth-pop crooner Evan Voytas has been honing his falsetto- and reverb-laden electro-pop ever since he landed in Los Angeles four years ago, but with each release, R&B and soul elements have grown luxuriously richer. So it’s no surprise his forthcoming “Feel Me” EP (out Jan. 24 via Dovecote Records) turns out to be his most alluring collection of songs yet. The title track off his previous “Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere” EP foreshadowed this new nurturing of warm, lush melodies. However, newer tracks such as “Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are” not only continues the mysterious undertones but Voytas’ sophisticated pop is polished to the point of pure seduction.

||| Download: “Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are.”