Video: Shadow Shadow Shade, ‘Tell Me Who You Are’


There’s not much to the video except a lot of slow-mo detonations, but the news is that Shadow Shadow Shade, with little fanfare, unveiled a new song this morning. “Tell Me Who You Are” is a languid ballad featuring a Brian Canning/Claire McKeown duet. The song will be part of a three-track release the Los Angeles sextet is planning for its own new label, Public Records. And if you’re new to Shadow Shadow Shade, here’s a one-sentence primer: Shadow Shadow Shade is an L.A. six-piece, originally called the Afternoons, formed from the ashes of Irving (2001-07), that deals in widescreen cinematic pop, released a self-titled album in late 2010 and is often referred to as “lamentably overlooked” or “criminally underappreciated.” Somebody should do something about that last part.

||| Live: Shadow Shadow Shade plays Jan. 30 at the Satellite.

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