Wayne Coyne’s new friends, all the way from L.A.: HOTT MT makes a pilgrimage to Oklahoma City


Talk about your crazy stunts. Nick Logie of L.A. indie-rockers Telegram, his girlfriend Ashleigh Allard and their pal Adam Ashe last week drove 22 hours to Oklahoma City to deliver a birthday present to the home of Flaming Lips main man Wayne Coyne. What happened last Friday when they arrived unannounced on his doorstep?

I’ve written the story for SPIN.com. You should read it here.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit about Logie’s new project with Allard. It’s called HOTT MT (Hour of the Time, Majesty Twelve), and the duo are calling it “Thai-gaze.” Their seven track album “I Made This” offers kaleidoscopic psych-pop – the kind strange, trippy tunes that inspire strange trips. Logie says the music is inspired by the concept of curses and conspiracy theories. “We plan to continue this trend of gift giving, traveling and cursing the artists who fail to cooperate,” he says. We don’t know if he’s serious.

||| Download: HOTT MT, “You Know When You’re Right”

[audio:http://www.mediafire.com/file/ng3bddvn2czg87u/HOTT MT – You Know When You’re Right.mp3]

||| Also: Visit Bandcamp for a free download of the HOTT MT album.

Photo by Wayne Coyne (via his Twitpic when the trio arrived on his doorstep)