Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Moheak Radio


Join me at 11 a.m. today on Moheak Radio for two hours of mostly new local music. In the past week or so, the likes of Delta Spirit, Superhumanoids, Robert Francis, Whispertown, Lady Danville and the Ross Sea Party have unveiled new songs. We’ll visit them, and toss in a blast from the past from a band that is playing a reunion show on Monday night. I’ll be the guy on the webcam, with the coffee, feeling like he went to three shows last night.

After the jump, the playlist:

The Mae Shi, “The Lamb and the Lion” (Monday at Pehrspace)
WALK, “Icebreaker”
Superhumanoids, “Geri”
Delta Spirit, “California”
Harriet, “Sign”
PAPA, “Ain’t It So”
The Ross Sea Party, “Thunder”
Act As If, “Running Wild”
Daniel Ahearn & the Jones, “High Life”
Miracle Days, “Never/No”
Sloan Martin, “Provinces of Night”
Robert Francis, “Some Things Never Change”
Whispertown, “Open the Other eye”
Black Swan Runners, “Ff Ff Fire”
LauraLaura, “How Far to Run”
Haroula Rose, “Love Will Follow”
Jack Littman, “Little Pretty Thing”
Lady Danville, “Operating”
Rhye, “Open”
Dead Ships, “Bones Cracked”
Nite Jewel, “One Second of Love”
Briertone, “I Am Jacob”
Standing Shadows, “One by One”
Youngblood Hawke, “Glacier”
Cannoneers, “All It Takes”
Moostache, “Thrills”
Nacosta, “Take”
Doctor Rosen Rosen, with Meg Myers, “Poison”
Just an Animal, “Kamikaze”
Fonda, “Loving You Made Me Sad”