Video: Shadow Shadow Shade, ‘Maybe I Could Love’


The epic pop jam of Shadow Shadow Shade turns to jelly a little bit in the latest song from the Los Angeles sextet, “Maybe I Could Love.” The band’s 2010 debut album was described in turns as cinematic and “poperatic” – a rousing indie cocktail of Queen, Arcade Fire, Pink Floyd and the Mamas and the Papas – but recently the band (Brian Canning, Steven Scott, Aaron Burrows, Brent Turner, Tom Biller and Claire McKeown) allowed as how it was going to release songs in small batches, or as singles, rather than embark on another full-length. “Maybe I Could Love” is the skankiest thing they’ve done, the result, Canning says, of “a joke at the end of rehearsal.” He explains: “I know lots of bands will start to ironically jam and then eventually that cheesy jam evolves into a song. And we ironically jam a lot because it is fun and sometimes funny, but this is the first time we have successfully turned one into a song.” The beat, and vocals from Canning and McKeown, make this an interesting turn. The visuals above come from the Brothers Quay’s “The Comb.”