Video: Autolux, ‘The Science of Imaginary Solutions’


Heady stuff, this new video from Autolux. The L.A. art-rock trio’s 2010 album “Transit Transit” has a way of getting inside your head, and the video for the album’s closing track “The Science of Imaginary Solutions” suggests that if you spend too much time there you might not like what you find. The animated piece is the work of director Thomas McMahan and artist Mark Whalen. ATP Recordings is releasing a limited-edition (100 copies) book of stills from the video (along with other goodies). Autolux, which went almost six years between releasing its first and second albums, is currently in the studio working on its third. If Carla Azar, Eugene Goreshter and Greg Edwards are anywhere near as meticulous with this new one, we’ll have plenty of time to revisit this video for all its layered meanings. It deserves it.