Video: St. Vincent, ‘Cheerleader’


There is no doubt the wide-eyed and porcelain-skinned St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, is captivating to her fans in a live setting, so it should be no surprise she is no less mesmerizing in a music video. However, Clark has now twice objectified herself, almost acknowledging that her own beauty is a vulnerable factor. In her morbid video for “Cruel,” her first single off of 2011’s “Strange Mercy,” she was kidnapped to play the part of the perfect mother. In the latest clip for “Cheerleader,” Clark is literally a pretty piece of art. But it wouldn’t be St. Vincent if this video didn’t have a charmingly odd twist to it. Who knows if director Hiro Murai had “Gulliver’s Travels” or “Jurassic Park” in mind, but her lyrics “I don’t want to be a cheerleader no more” do create a sympathetic air during her deceivingly triumphant escape.

||| Live: St. Vincent plays April 14 and 21 at Coachella.