Download: Tic Tic Boom!, ‘For Feeling’


Tic Tic Boom! haven’t looked back since they’ve found their strengths in writing dance music, and their confidence has only grown with time. Electro-pop tunes like “Bees” on last year’s “Reasons & Rhymes” sparkled with an eagerness to shimmy bodies on to the dance floor, but new songs such as “For Feeling” off their forthcoming EP “Before the Sun Rises” (slated for an April release) surprisingly doesn’t drip with any of the previous sweetness, no matter how bright Leilani Francisco’s vocals come off. Instead the new single from Francisco and songwriting partner/guitarist Mike DeLay punches through any syrupy pop elements for heavy fist-pumping alongside electro-rockers.

||| Download: “For Feeling.”

||| Live: Tic Tic Boom! plays March 1st at the Airliner and March 27 at the Central S.A.P.C., in addition to SXSW dates.