Ears Wide Open: The Violet Lights


L.A. by-way-of Green Bay, Wis., band the Violet Lights may let their Britpop influences overshadow over their NYC garage-rock and indie-pop urges, but it’s certainly not anything to be upset about. In fact, the duo comprised of Joel Nass and Amber Garvey make it hard to believe they even recorded their “Sex and Sound” EP in Hollywood with their meaty guitar lines and hummable hooks we usually hear from artists across the pond. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise the title track shamelessly plays up the Britpop sound with a chorus that could have resulted from a Kooks or Oasis songwriting brainstorm. Don’t let the Johnny Marr-like guitar riffs fool you; the Violet Lights call Silver Lake their home.

||| Download: “Sex and Sound”

[audio:http://www.mediafire.com/file/al7lm0xxy4s2b63/The Violet Lights_Sex & Sound.mp3]

||| Live: The Violet Lights play SXSW and March 27 at Hemingway’s.