Download: Meiko, ‘Leave the Lights On’


The first taste from Meiko‘s long-awaited follow-up to her highly-regarded 2007 self-titled album was not too much of a stretch from the singer-songwriter’s notably intimate allure. “Stuck On You” was sweet, innocent and paired with a charming melody, but the first official single, “Leave the Lights On,” from Meiko’s forthcoming record “The Bright Side” (out March 15 via Fantasy Records and Concord Music Group) is a daring move away from her usual introverted sentiments. Seductively robust and a nice preview of what her new batch of songs will offer, the new song features a heavier pulse that no doubt reflects the wisdom she’s gained since her debut four years ago. But Meiko’s soothing vocals are still there to balance the new gumption and delicate sparkle, a characteristic that will always have her remembered as the original Hotel CafĂ© darling.

||| Download: “Leave the Lights On”

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Photo by Leigha Hodnet