Premiere: Dallas Don Burnet, ‘L.A. Party’


Dallas Don Burnet was a buzz band while you were still rocking to Barney’s “I Love You. The singer-songwriter has played bass for Thelonious Monster, drummed for Beck and fronted a band the L.A. Times described this way: “[They] write a bunch of catchy, nearly perfect pop songs, then mess them up with a lot of weirdness and noise.” No, it wasn’t a Smell band, it was Lutefisk – you can read about them here – and once SPIN called them “one of the best bands you’ve (probably) never heard of.” They were big back in the day the Silver Lake indie scene was newly hip. Burnet’s songwriting chops are burnished now, and his new solo album, the gently orchestrated “Cancel My Disappointment” (made with some contributions from the likes of Greg Kurstin and Probyn Gregory), offers some poignant glances over his shoulder, as well a few uncompromising looks at the present. “I’d do it all again / if I could … change a few things,” he sings on “A Few Things,” as if he’s giving a tuneful seminar for newbies. There’s hardly anybody with his resumé who wouldn’t say the same.

||| Download: “L.A. Party”

||| Live: Dallas Don Burnet plays at Taix in Echo Park on Saturday, April 7.

||| Also: After the jump, check out the video for “L.A. Party”: