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Video: C-horse, ‘Tongues’

L.A. quartet C-horse just finished up a residency at Casey’s, and in fine fashion. The quartet of singer-guitarist Cecilia Enriquez, bassist Lindsay Mancha, keyboardist Mack Marquard and drummer Courtney Olsen debuted this video for “Tongues,” which was directed, actually, by one of our favorite drummers, Sean Johnson. It’s a straight-ahead portrayal of the harmony-soaked pop on the quartet’s 2011 debut album (which was produced by Joel Morales of Dios). There’s more on the way; the foursome is working on a follow-up for later this year.

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  • Betsy Knauss April 4, 2012, 11:51 am

    Hey Lindz,
    You guys sound great and look it too! It has been so long, would love to catch up soon!
    -Betsy Knauss

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